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SQLXML Support for NetBeans IDE 7.4

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Anyone who is using SQLXML on modern db engine knows that there is really small tool set available for developing such queries in the IDEs. So if you are using really powerful sql editor in the NetBeans IDE, there is plugin  extending it's abilities for comfortable developing SQLXML. Plugin is adding new options to the code completion:

and an action to the context menu of the sql editor, which can execute SQLXML query and show the SQLXML datatype as XML document:

 Result of the query must have SQLXML,CLOB or VARCHAR type in first column of the first row. If your jdbc driver doesn't support SQLXML datatype, you can use XMLSERIALIZE as VARCHAR or CLOB and the plugin will recognize the data type and show XML result.

Download link: http://plugins.netbeans.org/plugin/51894/sqlxml-plugin 

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