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HyperGraphDB 1.2 Final Released

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Kobrix Software is pleased to announce the release of HyperGraphDB 1.2 Final.

Go directly to the download page.

HyperGraphDB is a general purpose, free open-source data storage mechanism. Geared toward modern applications with complex and evolving domain models, it is suitable for semantic web, artificial intelligence, social networking or regular object-oriented business applications.
This release contains numerous bug fixes and improvements over the previous 1.1 release. A fairly complete list of changes can be found at the Changes for HyperGraphDB, Release 1.2 wiki page.

  1. Introduction of a new HyperNode interface together with several implementations, including subgraphs and access to remote database peers. The ideas behind are documented in the blog post HyperNodes Are Contexts.
  2. Introduction of a new interface HGTypeSchema and generalized mappings between arbitrary URIs and HyperGraphDB types.
  3. Implementation of storage based on the BerkeleyDB Java Edition (many thanks to Alain Picard and Sebastian Graf!). This version of BerkeleyDB doesn't require native libraries, which makes it easier to deploy and, in addition, performs better for smaller datasets (under 2-3 million atoms).
  4. Implementation of parametarized pre-compiled queries for improved query performance. This is documented in the Variables in HyperGraphDB Queries blog post.
HyperGraphDB is a Java based product built on top of the Berkeley DB storage library.

Key Features of HyperGraphDB include:
  • Powerful data modeling and knowledge representation.
  • Graph-oriented storage.
  • N-ary, higher order relationships (edges) between graph nodes.
  • Graph traversals and relational-style queries.
  • Customizable indexing.
  • Customizable storage management.
  • Extensible, dynamic DB schema through custom typing.
  • Out of the box Java OO database.
  • Fully transactional and multi-threaded, MVCC/STM.
  • P2P framework for data distribution.
In addition, the project includes several practical domain specific components for semantic web, reasoning and natural language processing. For more information, documentation and downloads, please visit the HyperGraphDB Home Page.

Many thanks to all who supported the project and actively participated in testing and development!

Published at DZone with permission of Borislav Iordanov, author and DZone MVB.

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Roger Sall replied on Tue, 2013/04/09 - 1:00pm

Several bugs were found and corrected during the beta testing period, most notably having to do with indexing. Source Telexfree

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