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Mayank Mishra11/17/14
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Jumbune 1.3.0 released (now supports YARN clusters)

Team Jumbune is proud to announce the release of Jumbune 1.3.0 YARN, it is a significant step forward as it represents Jumbune's very first YARN release, that delivers new and important features along with stability and performance.  Jumbune now has the...

G. Ryan Spain11/11/14
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Okta Announces Developer Edition to Secure Next Generation of Enterprise Applications

Okta today announced a new edition of its identity platform that will enable software developers everywhere to build more secure cloud applications and accelerate adoption of those services within enterprises. Okta Developer Edition is a fully productized...

Antonio Santiago10/13/14
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The book of OpenLayers 3

OpenLayers3 is a new rewritten from scratch version of the library with a new design and API to offer an up to date tool, mobile ready out of the box and with improved performance.Whether you are an experienced user or a new OpenLayers user, this book is a...

David Mai10/13/14
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Is ETL Dead? New Data Integration Buyers Guide

Woburn, Ma (PRWEB)Solutions Review announced the launch of their updated Data Integration and ETL news site as they continue to develop the most complete source of information for IT buyer’s data management and transfer needs.

Shane Johnson06/13/14
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Webinar: How to Evaluate NoSQL Databases

Couchbase is hosting a webinar with William McKnight, founder of McKnight Consulting Group and analyst for Gigaom Research, and Anil Madan, Senior Director of Engineering at PayPal. William will be discussing his new white paper, NoSQL Evaluator's Guide. Anil...

Chris Pisarkiewicz06/12/14
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Webinar: Fundamentals of Identity Management for Mobile and Cloud Computing

Today, customers and partners expect a seamless single sign-on experience when interacting with corporate IT assets. With the proliferation of mobile devices and cloud-based services, building a robust and extensible identity management platform has become a...

Shane Johnson02/11/14
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Couchbase Server 2.5 Raises the Bar for Highly Available Enterprise-Grade NoSQL

 Mountain View, CA – February 11, 2014 – Couchbase, the fastest-growing provider of enterprise class NoSQL databases and technologies, has released Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition. The release, available today, includes capabilities for...

Michael Smirnov01/26/14
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FREE NoSQL Viewer Software Product for Popular NoSQL Databases Available!

NoSQL and Big Data database professionals are welcome to download and use NoSQL Viewer software product developed by spViewer Software company.  NoSQL Viewer is a FREE innovative and powerful tool for such popular NoSQL Big Data databases as...

Daniel Kec12/02/13
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SQLXML Support for NetBeans IDE 7.4

Anyone who is using SQLXML on modern db engine knows that there is really small tool set available for developing such queries in the IDEs. So if you are using really powerful sql editor in the NetBeans IDE, there is plugin  extending...

Raji Sankar11/21/13
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Need for a Saas Application Platform similar to J2EE Container

SaaS is the cutting edge technology in the current product landscape. With an increase in the adoption of SaaS products by enterprises, more and more ISVs are trying the SaaS delivery channel. But, delivering a SaaS product cannot be considered as just a...

Thomas Legrand11/14/13
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Software modeling in the cloud - GenMyModel announces the real-time collaboration

GenMyModel  has just announced the release of the real-time collaboration  for creating software architecture models simultaneously.

Darshan Bobra10/21/13
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Oracle Database 12C new features

1) Table partition maintenance enhancements:-Adding multiple new partitionsBefore Oracle 12c R1, it was only possible to add one new partition at a time to an existing partitioned table. To add more than one new partition, you had to execute an individual...

Val Huber10/10/13
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Maximizing Business Logic Reuse with Reactive Logic

Abstract Reactive Programming can dramatically increase - even guarantee - business logic reuse.  This can afford remarkable advantages in controlling costs, and increasing quality / time to market.  This article reviews the current state of the...